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"You were born with wings,
why prefer to crawl through life?"

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad (Rumi)

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Wahab & Khan Attorneys , Notaries and Conveyancers is an independent, 100 % black owned boutique law providing professional legal services to a diverse clientele which includes not only individuals but associations, government departments private and public companies as well.

The Firm conducts business seamlessly in all provinces in South Africa with a client base of institutional and corporate clients, including the Major Banks.

Wahab & Khan has grown substantially since its establishment in 1999 and has a reputation for providing excellent legal advice and services tailor made to meet each clients’ needs. We strive to always exceed our clients’ expectations.

As a Firm we are concerned with adding value to society and on a larger scale, contributing towards establishing a balance between economic growth, the welfare of society and the environment.


  • To assist our clients by way of using our collective and collaborative skills, experience and focus on specific issues for our clients and to then deploy them in such a manner as to deliver a measurable and beneficial outcome.
  • To align our company policies with the broader vision of our clients so as to enable the stable growth of our clients and by providing professional services that meet the business information needs of our clients.
  • We provide insight into the strength and/or weaknesses of our client’s position in the matter and we always communicate progress of the matter directly to client.

It has been said that South Africa has one of the best and well developed land registration system in the world and our dedication to service and excellence is testimony to our commitment to safeguarding the integrity of the South African land registration system.

4 Meerut Road, Westville, Durban
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4 Meerut Road, Westville, Durban
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